About Us

My irresistible passion for food and eating has been with me for as long as I can remember. My passion is to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

Food has always been and still is a big part of my family. We Malaysian/Indians love sharing food and drinks with family and friends. It is our culture, as food and drinks relate to being happy and enjoying quality time with family and friends. Our kitchens are the heart of most Indian families.

My parents had great passion for food and they had a very successful Indian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We always entertained and enjoyed food with family and friends. My Mum taught me to cook and showed me the art and the secrets of irresistible authentic cooking.

The same passion led me to teach others how to cook irresistible Indian food and similar foods cooked in Malaysia. I started Prem’s Cooking Classes for all those wanting to know how to prepare and cook healthy irresistible Indian food from their own home or office kitchens.

Prem’s Indian Cooking Classes has a varied range of Hands-On Cooking classes that will introduce you to the art of cooking with first time revealed home-style cooking secrets. The secret range of spices and flavorings that come together to build layers of exciting tastes will also be revealed. Taste the real flavor of curries from scratch.

Learn how to mix and match spices to produce stunning results. If it is too hard for you to mix and match, in a hurry, we have sourced out the best spices and have packaged them for easy preparation.

Most importantly my cooking classes are practical hands on cooking giving you the best experience. I also strive to make our classes fun and social.

I will assist you to create a super range of Curry Dishes that will excite you. I will also teach you about the Indian spices, the myths and the culture of Indian Cooking.